Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 4 : Improvising - Nose Pack

This morning I woke up with soft skin but add up few more PMS acne!

Dahla degil sakit pulak tu. Hampes. Bila nak blah nie. (sorry, cursing in malay- extra feel)

Anyway after 4 days, there are varying results based on the areas.

The most severe area is my nose. So I improvised by using my favourite Chlorella Nose Pack
I have not used any nose pack for the past 2 months - too busy to stock up on my nose packs. Guess all of it was building up. Look at what i harvested... another euwww

Hope this help. Now to find the remedies for my 6 acne.

I bought some kimchi online but it was not to my liking to eat raw because it is a bit too acidic & so yesterday I made some kimchi soup tapau for lunch~ (cooking it reduce the acidity)
it's bit spicy + sour + sweet = just nice!

I read somewhere that kimchi is the secret to korean beautiful skin.
Tapi takdela dia tepek kat muka......

It show's that what you it is what you are.
Owh no... Nasi Lemak FACE?

Tea is good for you to~ especially green tea :) high in anti oxidants
+ you can release stress by having some chamomile or lavender tea !

Night dearies~~
I'm off to site visit @ Colmar Tropicale tomorrow :P

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 3 : Skin owh skin ~ Please be nice

19th November is a wedding fiesta~~
My gals Aishah Dalila & Azhani are getting married!!
Morning - Aishah & Hady's Solemnization Ceremony
Noon - Azhani & Rashdan's Kenduri
Night - Aishah's Reception

I need my fine skin please~~

In my case, my time of the month skin I love the most~ while my PMS skin is just unbearable

To start a painting, you need a good canvas & the skin condition is the base for beautiful make up
maybe this can help~~

For me- there are two objective to make up : conceal impurities & enhance features

Will the egg white line help my skin? I'm using the U & T zone serum daily & just used the cleansing pad once, I'll use the 2nd set today, in my observation My nose is still whiteheads free
we'll see in a few days yeah ;)

Hopefully my skin would improve bye the weddings, want to look good in the pictures!
Blemishes~~ please go away!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 2 : Owh my dirts!

1st day trying on the egg white pore line~~

Starting off with my regular daily regime

Cleansing with Wildberry Milk Cleanser~~ squeaky clean ;)

Now let's use the Egg White Pore Cleansing Pad! Read the direction of use first~

Step 1 : Gently wipe your face with the embossed pad in circular motion
After looking at the picture... euwwww right? all the dirt - yucky

Step 2 : Gently wipe your face with the pad in circular motion
After step 2, your skin would feel bit tight & shiny smooth.

IMPORTANT : GENTLE.. please don't ganyang your face with the pads.
Touch your skin with love!

Then apply your toner~

Here comes the T & U Serum~ The serum instantly absorb into the skin & didn't leave any sticky feeling~~

After that just proceed with moisturizer + any other stuff - sunscreen, makeup etc.

Okay ready! off to Red Carpet Avenue@ the Strands - my friend Xeem Noor opened a booth selling her limited edition art prints & crocheted pouches~~

If you're interested you can see the meticulous artwork at http://www.facebook.com/XeemNoorArt :)

I also had a chance to do some research on the The Strand Development by Encorp Group
Interesting concept, can do some study on the red carpet avenue covering structure, though they still need mechanical ventilation - blowing cool air to the space- I love the skylight view when it rained~~ ++ still some rain driven rain when it was windy- because the covering structure was about 10 meters high. Hope can learn from this for my project.

Sambil Menyelam Minum Air....

Have a good day~~

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 1 : Skinfood to start off my day!

I arrived at about 10 past 10 & saw the crowd already building~

Loving the new look of skin food~ I was told that it is a continuity from Korea's outlet.

U know... I love my kimchi, I love k-drama , I love their men....yess what did u think draw me
to Cineleisure skinfood outlet 6 years ago :P KOREA!! I want their beautiful flawless skin~~~

I was welcomed with warm smiles & the goodies!

Look at the stuff I got in my goody bag~~

For the review~

& more!

the first thing I did was to ask regarding the product & application, the friendly consultants was really helpful in answering all my questions~ I am so sorry i forgot to ask your name.

As explained: Why is the serum divided into T &? U zone serum?

Why egg whites?

Egg whites contains albumin that promotes firmer skin & smaller pores that is essential as smaller pores = less whitehead & blackhead problems.

Before we embark on this journey let's know the basics of whitehead & blackheads

in a nut shell the phenomena occurs as dead skin built up & makeup residues clogs the pore, that is why we need to cleanse & exfoliate daily, with the polluted surroundings & use of daily makeup, we aint' leaving it to follow it's natural course :P

So we'll see what wonders it can do tomorrow okay ;)

I also did bought extra stuff

My must have chlorella nose pack that contains chlorophyll bought 8 of them!
The royal Jelly mask sheet - really good hydration effect
Trying out new cleanser - Wildberry Milk Cleansing Foam - clean & hydrated feeling!
& Almond King Mascara- I've tried Chestnut Mascara before- really good as it does not run when I wash it- so no panda eyes~~ ++ got myself a free chic umbrella~~

Am logging off now~ Helping my friend @ red carpet bazaar , the strands tomorrow~~

Good night~

Skinfood OU Relaunched Sneek Preview~~

Friday, November 11, 2011

Skin food 12 Day Challenge~~

I was so shock to find out I'm one of the 20 chosen bloggers~~ (upper right expression)

check out their blog~ http://myskinfoodblog.blogspot.com very informative!

I had always love skin food products + the concept + the packaging (lower right expression)

Using them regularly & now I've been given a chance to review their new product~~

The Egg White Pore line~


always been inferior about my large clogged pores (lower left expression)
So join me in the 12 days challenge ~~

Skin Food is relaunching their OneUtama outlet tomorrow!
12th November 10 am~

Like the skinfood malaysia page on facebook & download the invites~

Come & let's get a lot of goodies during the event !! (upper left expression :P)

Love loads~~

Friday, September 30, 2011


Happy birthday~
May Happiness keeps You Sweet,
Trials keep You Strong,
Sorrows keep You Human,
Failures keeps You Humble,
& Success keeps You Glowing
Best Wishes,

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Life in Comparison to a Car.

I am currently driving on the fast lane.So am I equivalent to my cute pink MyVi?
Let's go through this:

That is equivalent to work-eat-work-eat & no time for gym = imbalance lifestyle for past 3 month

Money spent here & there to reach the destination FASTER = literally travelling expenditure

I spent minimum of RM 9.50 for parking per day <

My last resort? I'd have to park at the RM2.50 per hour parking that will measure up to a max RM 15... I actually don't spend that much on daily food.

When you drive further/longer = frequent car service /parts changes /carwash

I am recovering from from a bad case of stiff neck. Literally - masuk bengkel. Had to take muscle relaxant & massage ~ with the ongoing shoulder ache due to long hours in front of the monitor.

If only I was a car, maybe I can modify it to have extra pair of hands to type faster & extra pair of headlight for the long night shifts when brain is still functioning & my eyes shuts down.

It's so disappointing when you've worked your ass out but they equivalent your life to dollars & cents.
It's a funny when your see new European or continental cars drive in & gets the best service provide & breakdowns when the tropical climate doesn't suit them.
As this Malaysian made car, fuel efficient & low maintenance drive faster & faster.
Waiting to reach a pit stop to 'sigh' & drive on.