Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 4 : Improvising - Nose Pack

This morning I woke up with soft skin but add up few more PMS acne!

Dahla degil sakit pulak tu. Hampes. Bila nak blah nie. (sorry, cursing in malay- extra feel)

Anyway after 4 days, there are varying results based on the areas.

The most severe area is my nose. So I improvised by using my favourite Chlorella Nose Pack
I have not used any nose pack for the past 2 months - too busy to stock up on my nose packs. Guess all of it was building up. Look at what i harvested... another euwww

Hope this help. Now to find the remedies for my 6 acne.

I bought some kimchi online but it was not to my liking to eat raw because it is a bit too acidic & so yesterday I made some kimchi soup tapau for lunch~ (cooking it reduce the acidity)
it's bit spicy + sour + sweet = just nice!

I read somewhere that kimchi is the secret to korean beautiful skin.
Tapi takdela dia tepek kat muka......

It show's that what you it is what you are.
Owh no... Nasi Lemak FACE?

Tea is good for you to~ especially green tea :) high in anti oxidants
+ you can release stress by having some chamomile or lavender tea !

Night dearies~~
I'm off to site visit @ Colmar Tropicale tomorrow :P

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Bitt (double IS) said...

kakakakkakaaka nasi lemak face! perghh sangt yummehhhh the kimchi soup!